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Summer 2000 was the Fifth Anniversary of this site!
... and now we're 9 years' strong! ;-)

1995 seems like so long ago, and indeed was a pretty early stage in the WWW. I remember using Netscape 1.2 in Windows 3.1 back then :)

This site, of course, has grown considerably, and looks much better than it did in 1995. I hope those of you who were around in 1995/96 don't remember what it looked like - it was awful - but it still managed to be the hot spot for Godfather info on the web. And since, it continues to be the un-challenged definitive site on the web. (So much so, there are copy-cats out there.)

These people were great visitor contributors back then. And most of you since then on the message board and email list have been wonderful as well, making this site a true community of fans! Thank you!

Now, I know it's been a while since I've added something substantial to the site. I do keep up with the TV Listings, and home page news and stuff, but there are still plenty of things I'd like to finish up. Like the GF3 transcript, better family trees, and the other things listed (ironically) on the What's New page :) It is not by choice that these things haven't been done yet, but has kept me plenty busy!

Okay, enough rambling! I just wanted to say THANK YOU to you all for making The Godfather Trilogy such a success for the past five years! If it wasn't for you, my sites wouldn't be getting over 1000 unique visitors/day, or 1.5 million hits/month!

Grazie e salute i tutti!

And I hope to see you all here at the 10th Anniversary!



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