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  • ON THE WEB: The GangsterBB.NET forums - The best and most active way to talk about The Godfather and other of these things of ours! Also integrates a live chat.

  • MAILING LIST: TO SUBSCRIBE/UNSUBSCRIBE: Please visit: (You will need to register first if you are not already registered with Yahoo!). Alternatively, you can subscribe by sending an email to or unsubscribe by sending an email to

  • ON THE RADIO: Joel Gibbs hosted The Movie Show every Saturday afternoon on over 90 stations, and live online. The host & pro voice impersonator who calls this site "unquestionably the best and most complete Godfather website anywhere on the Internet," says that The Godfather is a constant topic, and he breaks into his Corleone voice constantly :-) [I was a studio guest on Joel's show twice, to celebrate The Godfather's 30th & 33rd Anniversaries -- Listen to the 2002 show here or the 2005 show here!]


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