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The Godfather Part IV ???

So, what are the odds of seeing PART IV???

At the Godfather DVD Collection press conference on June 11, 2001, someone asked about a possible Godfather Part IV. Francis said simply, "there will not be a Godfather IV." When asked "absolutely not?" Francis simply repeated, "there will not be a Godfather IV" to laughter. I guess that's not a "never"....

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Godfather IV sleeps with the fishes once again...

Yahoo! News
Entertainment Headlines
Tuesday July 6 [1999]12:31 AM ET

Fourth 'Godfather' Unlikely

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - The death last Friday of Mario Puzo, who wrote the novel ``The Godfather,'' raised new questions about purported plans to film a fourth Godfather movie.

The rumors were triggered June 21 when the Hollywood Reporter claimed that a fourth installment of the mob franchise was in preparation and that Leonardo DiCaprio and Andy Garcia were interested in roles. The report also suggested possible commitments from director Francis Ford Coppola and Puzo.

This surprised insiders, who knew that Puzo's condition had weakened, and Coppola told Daily Variety in no uncertain terms that he had no interest at this time in another sequel. Daily Variety reported, meanwhile, that DiCaprio had turned his attention to a Howard Hughes film, among other projects. Under the circumstances, another Godfather would seem to be a dim possibility.

Puzo, 78, died of heart failure at his Long Island, NY home.

"...for what it's worth, those stories about a Godfather IV in the works were totally false."
Francis Ford Coppola, July 3, 1999, from Zoetrope: All-Story

REST IN PEACE TO OUR GODFATHER, MARIO PUZO (1920-7/2/99). Suddenly, worrying about Leo is unimportant. There is no official word yet, but it is now extremely unlikely that there will be a Godfather Part IV. And without Mario, I don't think I want one. Mario's just finished novel, Omerta, is due out July, 2000. That's good enough for me!

From USA Today [06/23/99]

Can Leo refuse 'Godfather' offer?
"Just when I thought that I was out, they pull me back in," Al Pacino's Michael Corleone says in The Godfather: Part III. That quote might prove true for Paramount: Francis Ford Coppola and Godfather III star Andy Garcia are in talks to do a fourth installment. Godfather author Mario Puzo is negotiating to do a script. Leonardo DiCaprio also is interested but is not expected to formally negotiate until he sees a script. The Hollywood Reporter says he might play a young Sonny Corleone (James Caan in earlier installments). The story line isn't set, but the structure is expected to be similar to the second Godfather movie. The movie would use flashbacks and tell two stories, one set in the modern day and one in the past."

Buttonman Dwayne writes:
"...on 97.1 (Los Angeles radio station) today [6/22], Mario Puzo was the guest... I know, I know, I couldn't believe it either. However, he did confirm that they are in negotiations and basically everything that we have heard is true!

Capo Paulie writes:
"This was on Access Hollywood. They talked to FFC's public relations guy and he said that FFC has no plans to be invloved and that the story is thin. And DiCaprio's people said that there is nothing official yet."

What started it all...

From The Hollywood Reporter [6/21/99]

Coppola, DiCaprio, Garcia plotting fourth 'Godfather'

Discussions are under way between Mario Puzo and Francis Ford Coppola to bring the fourth installment of "The Godfather" saga to the screen with actors Andy Garcia and Leonardo DiCaprio already on board, several sources have confirmed. Although the story line is not known, sources say that the structure is in the vein of "Godfather II" in that it will incorporate flashbacks and tell two different stories set in the past and present, and that Garcia and DiCaprio would never appear in the same scene. DiCaprio has suggested that he might play the young Sonny Corleone (portrayed originally by James Caan), which would then make him Garcia's father, but that is only a possibility. Puzo and Coppola will decide the ultimate story line. While a deal for a Puzo script is currently being hammered out, Paramount toppers and the two actors are said to be crossing their fingers in hopes that all deals will be consummated. Coppola and the studio have danced around a fourth installment for the past five years. It is only recently, however, that headway has been made in bringing the project to life. Garcia, a friend of both Coppola and DiCaprio, was said to be instrumental in bringing the components of the project together.

Coppola, who spoke to The Hollywood Reporter on Friday, was cautious about the fourth installment but acknowledged that actors' reps have been in talks with Paramount about "The Godfather, Part IV." Puzo is also actively developing the story. Although several sources confirmed Coppola's involvement, the filmmaker remained coy. On Friday, Coppola said that his attention currently is on another project.

Older News:

The following is taken from The Godfather Companion (1990):
"Why not? Maybe this was what Coppola was put on earth to do. He is reportedly thinking about it. It might be a look at the thirties and forties, "what Mario [Puzo] calls the happy years, when they killed everyone and no one killed them," he says. If the film were to be set in this period, De Niro could well play the lead, Vito Corleone redivivus. Rumor has it that a script is already finished."

Remember, though, that this was written 11 years ago. And too bad that Paramount didn't come up with it for the 25th Anniversary (1997). De Niro would be perfect to play Vito for those missing years between Part II/Early, and Part I!

The Morning Call, Sunday, May 11, 1997

Andy Garcia, from Godfather III, said in a recent interview with interviewer Amy Longsdorf, "There is a strong interest from both Coppola and Paramount to do another [Godfather] movie. But how do you get those parties together? As far as I know, there are discussions on a daily basis. The latest idea was to tell the story of the family in the 30's and to intercut it with a contemporary story involving Vincent Mancini. As long as Francis wants to do it, I think he should get it done. I'm ready to go."

A close friend of MARIO PUZO WROTE:

"...there was a section or back story in Puzo's original GF3 script that he suggested could be used as Godfather IV....Francis has a copy, De Niro has a copy and so does Parmount, but they've never picked it up!"

ANDY GARCIA on TV (April 25, 1996):

I just happened to catch Andy Garcia on "Later with Greg Kinnear" and they chatted a little about GF3, working with Sofia (being romantic in front of her father), and about the possibility of a GF4. Andy said he's heard rumors, and people ask him all the time.


In an interview with Andy Garcia in Movieline magazine last fall, he said there may be a G IV in the works shifting between DeNiro's character in the 30s and Vinnie Corleone in the 90s with Andy, He said he'd do it in a heartbeat.


....I'm writing to inform you that while watching the boob-tube last night, they mentioned something about beginning production on the Godfather IV. If you so wish, I'll let you know what I hear about who's going to play whom.


The "Source" in which I read that Cruise & Slater were making GIV was Star Magazine last summer. I read it in the Fashions section of the magazine. They happened to show a picture of Cruise and mentioned that he was being fitted for some outfit for his role in Godfather IV, with Slater, who was also pictured. That is not to say that they are the only two stars in the film, but they happened to be in the same picture, and the article mentioned that, gee, they just happen to be doing a movie together too... Also, Cruise was said to be playing a "bar-hopping bishop" or something like that. Anyway, I don't have the actual magazine anymore, but I believe it was a June or July issue [1995].

Anyone else have news? It's awefully hard to find any mention of it!

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