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"The Godfathers' STATS"

All of the following statistics were taken from Chapter 25 of The Godfather Movies: A Pictorial History:

The Godfather (1972)...

Approximate shooting time: 6 months
Number of pages of shooting script, versus the usual 120 pages: 163
How many Oscars won: 3
How many hugs, kisses, and squeezes occur in the film: 16
Number of scenes in the original script: 50
Number of extras for the Don's funeral: 150
Number of limos used for the Don's funeral: 20
Cost of flowers and wreaths in funeral scene: $12,000
Approximate shooting time: 6 months
Cost of the set of the Don's house, built in Hoboken, NJ: $80,000
Prop budget: $75,000
Original budget: $1 Million
Actual budget: $6.2 Million
Number of days Coppola requested to shoot the film: 80
Number of days he was given: 83
Number of days it took: 77
Number of feet of film printed: 500,000
Number of hours of film printed: 90
Ratio of film footage shot to film footage used: 30 to 1
Grossed in the five NY theatres the first week: $454,000
Grossed in 365 theaters in the first week: $8 Million
Grossed in the second week: $6 Million
Grossed in the third week: $5 Million
Grossed in each of the next four weeks: $3 Million
Grossed for 23 consecutive weeks: $2 Million
Returned to Paramount in rentals after the first year: $81.5 Million
Estimated worldwide gross: $150 Million
People had seen the film by January 1975: 132 Million
Length: 2 hours, 56 minutes
Number of television viewers in NY who watched the first half: 6.5 Million
Number of viewers who watched the second half: 7 Million
Number of New Yorkers who normally watch Monday Night Football: 1.5 Million

The Godfather Part II (1974)...

Approximate shooting time: 6 months
Length: 3 hours, 30 minutes
Sum Paramount received in advance rental guarantees from 340 theaters: $27 Million
Amount racked up in domestic rentals the first year: $29 Million
Amount parts I and II brought in since 1972 in theatrical, TV, video, and licensing: $800 Million

The Godfather Part III (1990)...

Number of weeks behind schedule: 7
Percentage over budget: 11%
Budget: $51 Million
Estimated cost to produce and promote: $75 Million
Time elapsed since Part II: 16 years
How many pages Coppola cut from the script to save money: 20
Number of versions that were commissioned by Paramount: 12
Film shot: 675,000 feet
Film printed: 285,000 feet
Ration of film shot to film used: 30 to 1
Cost of shooting two weeks of additional footage: $2 Million

Puzo and his novel...

Weeks on the bestseller list: 67
Advance Puzo received from his publishers: $5,000
Advance Puzo received for paperback rights: $410,000
Amount Putnam received in royalties on paperback sales: $2.5 Million
Number of completed pages of novel when Puzo made movie deal: 100
Amount paid by Paramount to option movie rights: $12,000
Additional sum Puzo was paid when Paramount exercised the option to make the film: $50,000
Total amount of an escalator clause for Puzo from Paramount: $80,000
Additional sum Puzo received for writing the screenplay with Coppola: $100,000
Weekly expenses received: $500


Age when he made Part I: 32
Rent of the Coppola/Ruddy offices at Filmways Studio: $5,000
Participation in net rentals: 2.5%
Earned from Parts I and II: $7 Million
Fee for c0-writing and directing Part I: $175,000
Per diem expenses received: $1,500
Deal he turned town which would have given him less up-front but more back-end: $125,000 plus 10%
Amount he lost by this decision: $4 Million
Sum Coppola received for editing the film for television: $510,000
Amount received to write, direct and produce Part II: $1 Million

Actors' salaries...

Amount comprising Part I budget: 20%

Weekly expenses: $1,000
Salary for six weeks' work: $50,000
Ceiling of Brando's earnings: $1.5 Million
Amount received since he sold his points back to the studio: $300,000
Amount of the film that Brando owned: 5%

Part I: $35,000
Part II: $500,000 + 10% gross after break-even
Part III: $5 Million

JAMES CAAN: $35,000


ROBERT DUVALL: $36,000 for eight weeks' work

Amount he was offered and rejected: $10,000
Amount he accepted: $30,000
Amount he received due to delays and overtime: $58,000


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