Transcript of live chat with
Godfather Legacy author Harlan Lebo
on the Godfather Trilogy site
April 21, 1998

Harlan ( has joined the conversation.

Host Joseph says:
OK. Looks like a split. Hope it doesn't happen again.
Harlan says:Hello all -- it's Harlan....
EricWWW says:Hello Mr Lebo
Trey says:Good evening sir
Coppola says:Hi Harlan
Host Joseph says:
Hi Harlan. How's it goin?
Harlan says:....sorry I'm late....
EricWWW says:Oops, Geoff disconnected again
Trey says:I would have waited all night
Harlan !@#$%^&* Windows 95 refused to cooperate.***
Coppola says:Its problem
Harlan says:Anyway, I'm here -- what can I do for you?
Host Joseph says:
We're having trouble tonight with network splits, so Geoff is phasing in and out.
EricWWW says:Harlan, you've done a fine job!
Trey says:rumours, give us rumours
Harlan says:Eric -- thanks!
EricWWW says:Your book is the best Godfather specific book I've seen
Harlan says:Trey: Rumors about what?
Trey says:part IV maybe?
Harlan says:Eric -- That's REALLY nice to hear!
Coppola says:Yeah...I gotta thank you for the book
Harlan says:No rumors yet about #IV....
Harlan least no NEW rumors....
Harlan says:....other than Paramount would jump at the chance...
Trey says:The book was excellent. It added a new dimension to the whole story.
Coppola says:Without Pacino it wont be half as good.....I think
Skitch says:Hey room, Geoff is trying his best to get back to the room
EricWWW says:I noticed you touch on the conflict between Coppola and crew, but specifically
Coppola says:ok skitch
Harlan says:....however, I will ask FFC about it if I do a rewrite of my book for the...
Harlan says:....25th anniversary of GFII.***
EricWWW says:Coppola and Willis and Coppola and Evans
Harlan says:Yes, I do.
Harlan says:What can I tell you about it?
EricWWW says:Are you aware of the new book out by Peter Biskind?
Coppola says:Harlan...did you see the NBC broadcast of the Novel for TV?
Harlan says:No -- what's it about?
EricWWW says:Easy Riders and Raging Bulls?
Harlan says:Did NBC rebroadcast the original Novel for TV?
EricWWW says:1970s "personal filmmaking"
Coppola says:Didn't they? Im sure they did.
Harlan says:Really? Peter wrote a book about 70's filmmaking?
EricWWW says:Sorry, two conversations at once. I'll hold...
Coppola says:Thats what it says in the book
Host Joseph says:
EricWWW says:Yes, just released, I believe
Harlan says:What a second -- Easy Rider came out in the 60s!

EricWWW says:I have it hear
EricWWW says:here
Harlan says:Wait -- now everyone is holding!

EricWWW says:I guess he's representing it as the cataylst
Coppola says:I dont know if they rebroadcast it...but I have a tape of one broadcast
EricWWW says:for 70s filmmaking
Host Joseph says:
I'm going to go and try to figure out what's going on with the channel tonight. Excuse me for a second.
Harlan says:Interesting -- and Raging Bull didn't come out in the 70s either!

EricWWW says:Heh heh
EricWWW says:I guess those would be the bookends
Harlan says:I may sound like a snob...

Trey says:I think
Coppola is thinking of the original airing in the mid 70's. The USA Network release a few months back was excellent.
Harlan says:....but theoretical books about the making of movies aren't my thing....
Harlan says:....I'm much more interested in "pure" history and "making of" stories.***

EricWWW says:Well, in any event, he details the strife between Coppola and Evans and others
Trey says:Your "history" Harlan, was very enlightening.
Coppola says:No,.,I'm talking about the original NBC broadcast in 77
Harlan says:By the way, the **** are my little way of saying I've completed a thought. That way...
Harlan says:....I can drop in parts of comments***

Trey says:Coppola, where did you get a copy of that?
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Harlan says:Why does Peter talk about
Coppola's strife?
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Harlan says:Hello Geoff -- I actually made it!
Host Joseph says:
Welcome back
Coppola says:I found a video of it in my uncle's shelf
Coppola says:He didnt even remember it was there
EricWWW says:One second
Coppola says:Welcome back Geoff
Trey says:Harlan, I didn't come to ask questions. I just wanted to listen to your insights. Sorry.
Harlan says:I think I got things off track...
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Harlan says:....what was the question about Coppola and the crew?***
Host Joseph says:
Hello diane
Harlan says:
Trey -- it's perfectly fine if you want to listen to me (God help you!)...
Harlan says:...questions are not required!***

Trey says:God help us all!!! People think I'm nuts for liking these movies so much.
Harlan says:No you're not -- they're great!

EricWWW says:Well, for one thing, it says Copolla made business cards for himself as "Francis Ford Copolla, Godfather"
Coppola says:Liking mafia movies is great
Coppola says:LOL
EricWWW says:I found that funny
Trey says:FFC could get himself a new pair of shoes for that.
Harlan says:That's not surprising -- if he meant "Godfather the movie," rather than "Godfather" as a title. Lots of directors do that -- especially unknown ones.
Harlan says:Now if he meant "Godfather" as a joke title -- he wasn't very smart!

Coppola says:But he makes one heck of a movie! We all can vouch for that.
Harlan says:Hey, Geoff -- what's cooking?
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Host Joseph says:
I think he's having connection trouble. He's either not able to talk to us, its just really slow
Harlan says:Yes indeed....

Coppola says:
Harlan...have you asked NBC if they still they still have the original tape?
Harlan says:....I'm glad to answer anyone's questions about my book, or about the Godfather or Godfather Part II...

EricWWW says:By the way, I wholeheartely agree with you praise for Robert Towne's scene
Harlan says:....I'm not as strong on knowledge of GFII...
Harlan says:...but I can point you in the right directions!***

EricWWW says:I feel that scene holds the best dialogue in the film
Harlan says:I'm sure NBC has the original tape...
Harlan says:....but what would they do with it?***

Trey says:
Harlan, I know you said you know of no rumors now, and I did read the notice about Paramount being against DVD, but what are the chances of a DVD Master Trilogy coming out. One with all of the missing scenes.
Harlan says:Isn't the Michael-Vito scene incredible?

Coppola says:If they do have the tape...they should do something about it
Harlan says:The first I knew that Paramount was against DVD....

EricWWW says:Surely
Harlan says:....was when I read FFC's quote on the Godfather Web site...

Trey says:There are so many versions out, we need to consolidate it all.
Trey says:... or somebody does
Harlan says:....I don't understand Francis' logic -- what difference does it make...

Coppola says:I am with you Trey...but finding them and buying them isnt that easy
Harlan says:....that Blockbuster and Paramount are both owned by Viacom? DVDs are certainly rentable***

Trey says:How did he feel about the widescreen releases, since they weren't filmed that way?
Coppola says:I wish PP would get over their thing with DVD's
Harlan says:I guess I have an advantage living in LA. I'm five minutes from a LD and DVD rental store!
Harlan says:I think Paramount was VERY happy with the reception for all of the videos...
Harlan says:....they were just starting to get brave about re-releases when the GF packages came out...
Harlan says:...and got even braver when Grease was released.

EricWWW says:I wonder what would have happened if The Godfather was as widely re-released as Greece
Harlan says:Anyway, the Godfather is such a special case -- because of both its popularity...

EricWWW says:Grease, rather
Host Joseph says:
I could have seen it for one thing. :-)
Harlan says:....and the fact that the full frame versions of GFI and II were not panned and scanned...

Coppola says:Yep its special all right. Only available on LD, not DVD.
Harlan says:...I suspect that we will be able to buy all of the versions for a long time...

Trey says:Well, I noticed at Suncoast the other day ... almost every movie out there is being re-released widescreen now. Money, money, money.
Harlan says:....however, I much prefer GFI and II in full frame, because that's the way Willis shot them.

Coppola says:The good thing about DVD is that they have WS and P&S
Harlan says:...However, if a movie is shot wide screen, I'll always get the widescreen version.***

Trey says:I'm disappointed that the theatrical re-release wasn't more widespread.
EricWWW says:Like Casino as opposed to Goodfellas
Coppola says:I agree Trey
Trey says:I was at least 3 hours away from any showing.
Harlan says:But would the DVD versions of the Godfather I and II have a panned and scanned full frame, or would it revert to the original frame size as shot.

Coppola says:They only had it at the Manns Chinese over here
Harlan says:I'm disappointed about the release, too -- but please remember...
Rich ( has joined the conversation.

Harlan says:...that the film is NEVER out of release; any art house can order them...
Host Joseph says:
Welcome Rich!
Harlan says:Hello, Rich -- is that you, Steve?

Trey says:It needs to be "as shot". Any deviation is a slam on the director.
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Coppola says:Where is there an arthouse like that in LA Harlan?
Host DonGeoff says:
I am soooooo mad
Trey says:"art house" huh? That could be arranged. Maybe a college showing. Hhhhmmmm
Host Joseph says:
Well its good to have you back for now.
Harlan says:I agree. But in the case of the Godfather, we have both approved wide screen and full frame. Take your choice!
Host DonGeoff says:
hehe - give it a minute and it'll screw up again :)
Harlan says:A college screening is a good idea.

Coppola says:I would always prefer WideScreen vs. Pan&Scan
Harlan says:In LA, it plays at the Beverly from time to time.

Coppola says:No...I mean a big arthouse theater
Coppola says:the Beverly what?
Trey says:
Coppola, even if the original wasn't filmed Widescreen?
EricWWW says:On Page 113, Harlan, I notice that Brando is smelling Enzo's flowers
Trey says:I just loved all the candid shots.
Harlan says:The New Beverly Theater (down near La Brea)

Coppola says:Yep. It gives you the theater experience
Coppola says:Thanks HarlanRich says:Yes, the photos in the book were wonderful.
Harlan says:Excuse me while I go grab a copy of my book (The Godfather Legacy, published by Simon & Schuster, $15 or $13 at Plug Plug)

Trey says:You go boy!!
EricWWW says:heheh
Rich says:
Harlan, why did oranges appear in so many scenes?
Harlan says:got it!

Trey says:also available at Suncoast.
Coppola says:I got my copy from my cinema teacher-he gave it to meDiane (java@ has joined the conversation.
Trey says:do I get a comission?
EricWWW says:Look on page 113, for a beauty of a shot
Host DonGeoff says:
lol Harlan - also available via the Mario Puzo site!! (plug plug!)
Coppola says:LOL Geoff
Harlan says:
Rich, I can always count on you for the softball question!

Trey says:HEY, I'll sell mine if the price is right :)
Harlan says:Anyway, what was the question about the flowers?
Rich has left the conversation.

EricWWW says:I just find that an amusing picture
Coppola says:flowers play a big role in dark scenes
Rich ( has joined the conversation.

Host DonGeoff says:Yes, I wish I had all those pics :)
Trey says:hint, hint, hint
Coppola says:like that scene in GF1
Harlan says:It's a great shot. The worst (or best) part of working on this book was narrowing down the photographs...

Rich says:How many photographs did you have to choose from?
Harlan says:....from 47,000 to 750 to 125. Aaaaaurrrgh!

Coppola says:Why dont you do a second photo book or something?
Trey says:you mean ... you got more? Give 'em to Geoff, please.
Harlan says:Wow -- I'm answering questions before you ask them!

Coppola says:Thats a lot of photographs
Host DonGeoff says:
I like the pic of Pacino napping after he kills Sollozzo and McCluskey on p 109 :)
Trey says:Geoff, you got room?
EricWWW says:Seeing Michael, I mean Al, in an Actors Studio tee-shirt is a strange sight
Host DonGeoff says:
I have room, but don't have rights :)
Harlan says:Sorry Trey -- Paramount would not be happy with me -- wish I could.

EricWWW says:considering where he is
Diane says:Hi all! I'm sorry I'm late, and I apologize if this question has been asked already, but Harlan -- in your opinion, WHO killed the hitmen outside of Michael's bedroom window?
Trey says:I won't tell :)
EricWWW says:It wasn't Fredo
Harlan says:Those are both great shots of Pacino. I'm also fond of the one of Al playing handball.
Host DonGeoff says:
I think Fredo was too weak to do it
Rich says:I always thought it would have been Clemenza.
EricWWW says:He's got a good heart
Harlan says:No -- it was the guys they dug out of the storm drain. Poor Fredo just helped.
Host DonGeoff says:
One theory is that they killed themselves for screwing up the hit, and they'd be killed anyway, but I don't know if I buy that either
EricWWW says:Kamikaze?
Diane says:<Diane> sorry, I forgot to include my name. I asked the question about the hitmen...
Harlan says:Sorry
Rich -- Pete had that "heart attack."
Host DonGeoff says:
Diane - your name is added automatically
Rich says:Heart attack from the cannolli?
EricWWW says:Tessio was always smarter
Harlan says:No, I assumed that another guy nailed them -- surprise!
Host DonGeoff makes EricWWW sleep with the fishes!

Harlan says:Yeah, but he couldn't get off the hook -- not even for old time's sake.

EricWWW says:heheh
Coppola says:Harlan...was writing the book fun, or hard work for you? ( I mean hard work as in labor of love)
EricWWW says:Ah, which leads me to a question...
Harlan says:A heart attack from lead.
Harlan says:Writing books is a lot of fun for me...

EricWWW says:You've noted the sound effects in the atmosphere in many occaisions
Harlan's the aggravation of leading up to them that is pretty nutty....

EricWWW says:The wedding noises...
EricWWW says:the popular songs
EricWWW says:...
Harlan says:More about writing later.***
Host DonGeoff says:
(Please try to keep questions to one msg)
Coppola says:ok
EricWWW says:Do you see (hear rather) an ominous note in the way the doors slammed in the Tessio death scene?
Trey sits quietly back and listens like a good son

Host DonGeoff gives Trey some tasty cannoli!

Trey says:lol
Harlan says:Great observation!....

EricWWW says:Thank you sir
Trey thinks:
some anisett would be nice
Harlan says:....I think that all of the other sound in the scene was carefully edited to ensure that "closing the door" finality of Tessio's "ride."

MrSoul ( has joined the conversation.
Harlan says:You guys will love this...
Host DonGeoff wishes Paulie was here to get him more wine!

Harlan says:...I've got Home and Garden TV on in the background...
Harlan says:...and they are redecorating a room with....
Harlan says:.....lots of lemons! Gotcha, Rich!

Coppola says:LOL
Host Joseph says:
Maybe he's having server trouble. Paulie's a good kid.
Rich says:Leave the lemons, take the oranges.
EricWWW says:This may seem like a nit picking question...
Harlan says:Now I'm dying for a lemonade....
Harlan guys outside of California don't want to know how great the weather was here today.
Host DonGeoff says:
yeah, hold off on the deadly orange juice
Harlan says:I'm always up for nit-picking.

EricWWW says:But is it me, or did James Caan gain weight between Part I and his cameo in Part II?
Coppola says:If you ask me Harlan it was a little too hot
Harlan says:I wouldn't be surprised. It's amazing what...

Coppola says:LOL Eric
Harlan says:....eating a lot of great meals on publicity tours....
Host Joseph says:
Can't have been as perfect as it was in Sask. hhehe
Trey says:Actually, he lost weight between the birthday party and the wedding. ;)
Host DonGeoff says:
I was actually quite impressed with how the actors looked so young in the flashback in GF2
Harlan says:...and because you're the toast of the town will do.

EricWWW says:Right on, Trey!
Harlan says:They looked young because of great make-up, courtesy of Dick Smith....

EricWWW says:Al Pacino definately looked younger
Trey says:I want Dick Smith to do my funeral
Harlan says:.....they also were carefully coached to keep their eyes wider open...

Coppola says:Pacino...definitely
Host DonGeoff says:
Yeah, he's a great artist
Host DonGeoff says:
lol Trey!
Harlan says:....and speak slightly higher -- stuff like that.

EricWWW says:Did Robert Towne have anything to do with that flashback scene or anything else in Part II?
Harlan says:Be careful what you wish for,
Host DonGeoff says:
Speak slightly higher? Those guys hadn't gone thru puberty by GF1? ;)
Trey says:oopps
Harlan says:....Dick Smith did Dustin Hoffman's old man make-up for Little Big Man!
Harlan says:Hey, there's a difference between....

Coppola says:cool
Harlan says:....a 40-year-old voice after 20 years of cigarettes...

Trey says:pardon my ignorance, but who was R.Towne?
Harlan says:....and a very young 20-year-old voice....
Host DonGeoff says:
this is true I guess - but it was only 2 years :)
Harlan says:I'm not talking about falsetto or anything -- just slightly higher....

Rich says:Harlan, was Diane Keaton the first choice to play Kay?
Coppola says:Good observation Harlan
Harlan says:...of course, we're also particularly shocked because of Michael's make-up...
Harlan the previous scenes; subtle but great aging.
Harlan says:Rich, I'm gonna kill you....

EricWWW whispers to Trey:
The script doctor who wrote the garden scene between Michael and Vito
Harlan says:....Yes, Keaton was, sadly, the first choice for Kay....

Trey says:push a button on him
Rich says:It was meant as a straight line setup.
Host DonGeoff says:
You didn't like Keaton, Harlan?
Coppola says:I liked the photos of Brando in your book...when they did the makeup...amazing!!!
EricWWW says:Sadly?
Trey whispers to EricWWW:
thanks Eric
Harlan says:...He really wanted to "develop the quirkiness of her character," but, of course, it didn't work.
Host Joseph says:
I gotta agree with Harlan
Harlan says:No, I didn't. She seemed way to whiney and dopey for my taste...
Host DonGeoff says:
Who would you have preferred?
Harlan says:...but maybe that's a good contrast with everyone else....

Coppola says:Harlan...who would you have wanted to replace Keaton?
Harlan says:....anyway, it doesn't hurt the film, because everyone else is so good.
Host DonGeoff says:
Well, Keaton was definitely the WASP she was meant to portray
Diane says:The contrast between Keaton and the woman who played Appollonia was very striking
EricWWW says:Did Robert Towne have anything to do with that flashback scene or anything else in Part II?
Host DonGeoff says:
(Robert Towne was the 'script doctor' who helped with the garden scene)
Coppola says:I think the cinematography for GF was excellent at the least.
Harlan says:Sorry -- I hit the wrong key. I'm back now.
Harlan says:Bob Towne didn't have anything to do with Part II, as far as I know.

EricWWW says:
I asked if Robert Towne had anything to do with that flashback scene or anything else in Part II
Host DonGeoff says:
Harlan, which is your favorite of the three?
EricWWW says:He really had a grip on the characters
Trey says:I don't think anyone would disagree, the cinematography of all three was first rate. The brown tones, the dark rooms, the stationary cameras .... salut!
Harlan says:A good question about who I would have chosen instead of Keaton. Any suggestions?

Rich says:Faye Dunaway.
Harlan says:My "favorite" of the three is #1....
Harlan says:....although I think that #2 is one of the great masterpieces of American cinema....
Host DonGeoff says:
But GF2 has to be a *very* close second, no?
Harlan says:.....but for me, if I had one to take to a desert island, it would be #1.....

Coppola says:I think #1 is one of the top 5 best films ever made
Host DonGeoff says:
I would take the whole Trilogy :)
Harlan says:....I would put GFII as one of the five best American films ever made...

Trey says:I'll smuggle my Trilogy
Trey says:High Five, Geoff
Harlan says:...and I'm not sure what would be above it!***

Coppola says:Good one
Harlan says:You Trilogy guys are diehards!

Trey says:
Harlan, what are your other 3?
Host DonGeoff says:
EricWWW says:I see Parts I and II as one movie
Host DonGeoff says:
I have an idea :)
Host DonGeoff says:
I give GF3 a B+
Harlan says:By the way, you are all in privileged company -- the "Rich" now with us is my dearest friend, and the fine gentleman to whom my book is dedicated (my wife got her shot on an earlier book)
Host DonGeoff says:
Hi, Rich :)
Coppola says:Nice meetin' ya Rich
Trey says:Welcome Rich, its a pleasure
Host Joseph says:
Salute Rich!
Rich says:Hi. May all of your first sons be masculine ones.
EricWWW says:A question about Moe Greene's eye....
Host DonGeoff says:
I should hope so!
Harlan says:....he is also smart enough to share my feelings about Diane Keaton, Luca Brasi, and canolis!

Coppola says:I can only wish Rich
Harlan says:...not in that order!

Trey says:... and the masseuse ... did he live?
Host Joseph says:
...not like that Anthony
Harlan says:Yes, he got scale for a day's work on the production....

Rich says: Harlan, so is there a connection between Moe Greene's glasses in #1, and the guy in #3 who gets killed by his own glasses?
EricWWW says:You say that a small explosive was placed behind the lense... and yet I hardly see Alex Rocco flinching!
Harlan says:....oh, you meant did he live in the film (yuck yuck). I assume so, since we only hear one shot (that one was plenty)

Trey says:
Was he placed on the payroll? ;)
Harlan says:He flinches enough to look like he was shot. Not an explosive -- a pellet that gets shot outward through the lens.

Rich says:Hey, we are talking about Mr. Moe Greene. I want you to show him some respect. He is an important figure in Las vegas.
EricWWW says:Oh, I see
Trey says:but not even a plaque or a statue
EricWWW says:And there isn't even a plaque
Harlan says:And he was making his bones when you were still going out with cheerleaders.
Host DonGeoff says:
He made his bones while...
Trey says:
we are too predictable
Coppola says:
How would you guys think Scorecese have made the GF?
Harlan says:By the way, Alex Rocco is a god. I met him last March, and he's a great gujy.
Host DonGeoff says:
Gee, you guys are quick :)
Rich says:What is Alex up to these days?
EricWWW says:Sergio Leone was offered The Godfaher but he declined
Trey says:I don't think Scorcese could have captured the family, the emotional level
Harlan says:Marty would have made the film violent (as opposed ot the way it was) Hehe.
Harlan says:You know, I think Sergio would have done a great job...

Coppola says:You're right.
Rich says:Marty would have done the flashbacks as Godard-esque jumpcuts.
Host DonGeoff says:
And your buddy De Palma, Harlan? ;)
Harlan says:....considering how Once Upon a Time in America (the long version) turned out.
Harlan says:Marty would have shot it just the same...

Coppola says:I know what you mean Harlan...but not for the better huh?
EricWWW says:Do you really think so? Once Upon a Time in America is awfully bland compared to GF
Host Joseph says:
De Palma is my hero
Harlan says:....except all of the violence would have been shot with ultra-close-up lenses...
Harlan says:...and Sonny would have been killed with two million bullets...
Harlan says:....until he was in parts.***

Rich says:If Sergio had done it, then the score would have been by Ennio Morricone. Yes!
Coppola says:LOL Harlan
Harlan says:Uh oh, I'd better stay away from De Palma comments, then!

Rich says:And if Brian DePalme had done it, Kay probably would have been played by Debra Winger!
Coppola says:I thought Rotta's score was fabulous!
Diane says: Harlan, how do YOU feel about Sophia Coppola's performance?
Host DonGeoff says:
Sonny woulda been chopped up with a chainsaw!
EricWWW says:No! Ennio was great for Good, Bad, and the Ugly, but no way for GF
Host Joseph says:
no go ahead
Harlan says:Wow -- Sergio and Ennion on The Godfather -- what a thought!

EricWWW says:Maron That's crazy!
Harlan says:I'm supposed to be the polite author, remember? If you like De Palma, I think that's swell, and long as you respect that I think HE TOTALLY SUCKS!
Harlan says:Right?
Host DonGeoff says:
Harlan - this is being recorded :)
Host Joseph says:
EricWWW says:Carlito's Way was good
Harlan says:Ooooo, I'm so scared of Brian!
Host DonGeoff says:
EricWWW says:heheh
Rich says:If GF was made into a TV series today, would Solozzo be played by Bob Denver?
Coppola says:Brian is ok...but he mostly copies Hitchcock
Harlan says:Maybe if someday he makes an original film that doesn't copy every other director, I'll give him another try (hehe)

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Trey says: Diane, this is off subject, but I think the reason we all feel cheated somewhat by GFIII is because we had so much time to make our own mental sequels.
Harlan says:Hey, no more cheap shots.
Harlan says:My biggest problem with GFIII, after looking at all of the files...
Host Joseph says:
What about Michael Mann from Heat?
Harlan that Francis could name his own terms, but he didn't demand the one he really needed...
Harlan says:....and that was another 3-4 months to work on the script....
Host DonGeoff says:
I was never a big fan of re-casting a great film...
EricWWW says:"Does this Mr. Woltz have balls." - Yet another example of why Puzo's dialogue was justly edited
Coppola says:How about PanaVision lenses for one thing?
Harlan says:....when he finally got around to saying yes to doing III...

Coppola says:I agree with you Geoff...about recasting
Host DonGeoff says:
I think the absolute biggest GF3 mistake was not paying Duvall... George Hamilton blows
Rich says:Why didn't Duvall go for III?
Trey says:MY problem is Vincent - his birth is impossible. How can FFC and Puzo think we wouldn't pick up on it.
Harlan was really too late for a Christmas release. But FFC didn't hold out for Easter.***
Host Joseph says:
I agree That guy was terrible.
Coppola says:I think it just kills the film when a sequel doesnt have the same cast
Harlan says:FFC wanted Duvall, but everyone was just too cheap to pay for him...

MrSoul has left the conversation.
Harlan says:...Hell, they could have dumped a lot of side characters and kept Hagen in....

EricWWW says:Like Al Neri?
Host DonGeoff says:
No way - Al had to be there!
Harlan says:...the screen relationship between Michael and Tom in the first two movies is great.

Coppola says:Paramount is probably regretting it
EricWWW says:"Get behind me, Mikey!"
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Bacan says:hi
Harlan says:No, like John Savage as his son, and a lot of other folks whose salaries would have made the difference.
Host Joseph says:
I liked Al Neri a lot.
Coppola says:Without Al it wouldnt be The Godfather...if ya know what I mean
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Harlan says:Duvall wanted a lot, and they should have paid him.

Diane says:That's true--GFIII could have survived without some side characters -- nice as he is, we didn't need to see Enzo, Sonny's twins or his wife in the sequel
Harlan says:You gotta keep Al.
Host DonGeoff says:
most of those people didn't get paid a lot, though...
Trey says:Sonny's twins were kind of cute though. Sorry
Coppola says:I know...but Michael is dead...
Host DonGeoff says:
Is he? Perhaps he just fell down :)
EricWWW says:Michal's haircut was also a problem
Rich says:Eli Wallach was a good choice for III.
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Diane says:The twins were wearing matching clothes -- and they're how old?
Trey says:Come on, he was just playing with the dog!
Coppola says:FFC would not make a sequel on the basis of Michael falling down
Host DonGeoff says:
They could have him in GF4 - coming out of a coma or something :)
Harlan says:Yeah, the hair was odd. It was a FFC call to do that.

Rich says:Or maybe it was all a dream, like in "Dallas."
Harlan says:For a GFIV, somne of us would like to see...

Coppola says:That would be ok...if FFC does it with style...of ya know what I mean
Host DonGeoff says:
Or - his death coulda been a flash-forward, that's all...
Host Joseph says:
They could show him teaching Vincent the ropes before his death.
Harlan says:...a film that goes back and starts in 1922 (when GFII flashbacks end)...
Harlan says:...and continue up to the beginning of GFI....
Host DonGeoff says:
That would be necessary, Harlan! Plus Vincent
Rich says:How about GFIV going into more detail on the early Sicilian years?
Harlan says:....and have De Niro play Vito again, but now as a slightly older man..

EricWWW says:But can De Niro pass for Brando?
Host DonGeoff says:
Too bad De Niro doesn't look like Brando -- but then again, they'd have Dick Smith, right?
Harlan says:...whaddaya think?

Trey says:I've been off the listserv for awhile, but I think the general opinion agrees with you Harlan
Rich says:DeNiro would want to gain about 300 pounds.
Harlan says:Yes -- more about the Sicilian stuff!
Host Joseph says:
...whick would go well with De Niro's aging.
Harlan says:De Niro doesn't have to pass for Brando...
Harlan says:...he does just fine on his own!

Coppola says:Sicily...thats good
Harlan says:...I really think that it would take about 30 seconds for De Niro to draw us in!

Rich says:And DeNiro could come back playing Brando's *father*
Host DonGeoff says:
But to play the same character at a similar age... I don't know... it'd be tough
EricWWW says:heheh, Rich
Trey says:A good script could overcome the makeup.
Coppola says:DeNiro as anyone would draw us in!
Harlan says:See. then we're agreed!

EricWWW says:Can we get John Tuttoro in on this?
Host Joseph says:
The ages wouldn't be that similar
Coppola says:Well...almost anyone.
Trey says:Can you make the call Harlan?
Host DonGeoff says:
Or they could get Brando to loose 300 lbs and replay Vito :)
Rich says:Yes, John Turturro would be terrific in IV.
Harlan says:I think about it...

EricWWW says:John Tuttoro could be Sonny's legitimate son
EricWWW says:Santino Jr.
Harlan says:Uh, I think Brando at 74 would probably be pushing it....

Rich says:And Steve Buscemi as Fredo's son.
Host DonGeoff says:
Was Santino Jr. overly "blessed" like his father?
Coppola says:No...not Buscemi.
EricWWW says:heheh
Harlan says:Tuturro would be great -- a youngish capo.
Host Joseph says:
I'm afraid I'm gonna hafta go. :-((
Host DonGeoff says:
Take care, Joe! Thanks for the help, consiglieri!
Harlan says:See you, Joseph!

Trey says:Santino Jr. vs. Vincent could be the present side of GFIV
Coppola says:Bye Joseph
Host DonGeoff wishes Joseph a goodnight! Salute!

Rich says:Kevin Spacey as Tom Hagen's successor?
EricWWW says: Harlan, what are your thoughts on Luca Brasi?
Trey says:Night Joe, see ya soon
Harlan says:Perhaps yet another flashback/present-day combination?

Diane says:Harlan, was there ever any thought of including the stories of Sonny's other kids in GF3?
Host Joseph says:
Good night, and thanks to Harlan. I'll see you again. :-)
Trey says:excactly Harlan
Host DonGeoff says:
Save the log, please :)
Harlan says:My pleasure!
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Harlan says:Oooo -- Kevin Spacey as the next Tom Hagen...

Coppola says:Tell it to FFC Harlan
Harlan says:...or he could play Genco!

Trey says:Yeah, why Vincent?
EricWWW says:Because Vincent was crowned Don
Host DonGeoff says:
Q: Did Genco's father, the grocer, have a first name that's known?
Trey says:I love Vincent/Garcia, but I can't get past the novel flaw.
Diane says:But why not present a conflict between Vincent and Santino Jr.?
Host Harlan says:
I'm sure not a week goes by that FFC doesn't hear about when he's going to do the next Godfather film.
Host Harlan says:
What novel flaw, Trey?
Coppola says:LOL Harlan
Trey says:Lucy wasn't pregnant when Sonny died ... so no Vincent.
Host Harlan says:
How do we know that?
Host Harlan says:
Oh, I get it....
Host Harlan says:
Host DonGeoff says:
That's why the film is an "adaptation" of the novel :)
Host Harlan says:
....You're talking about the book -- I'm sooo thick sometimes.
Rich says:What about mixing in real-life characters in IV, like Jimmy Hoffa?
Trey says:Sorry Geoff, but I can't laugh about it. :) It bugs me to tears
EricWWW says:Why was Fabrizio's murder filmed in both films and scrapped both times? Was someone in the crew pushing for his death and finding himself continually overruled by others?
Host Harlan says:
Jimmy Hoffa was a real-life character?
Coppola says:Are the books better than the films Trey?
Rich says:Emphasis on the "was"
Host DonGeoff says:
I'm sorry - I forgot the Corleone's were *real* :)
Host Harlan says:
Trey, why don't you just think of it...
Host Harlan says: Lucy pulling a fast one on The Family?
Trey says:I'm not even gonna go there Coppola. They are too close to compare.
Host Harlan says:
Nah, I like the idea of fantasy characters only....
EricWWW says:Oh, I get it. Vincent was no heir
Host Harlan says:
....then we don't have to wonder why all these people...
Trey says:Yeah, like that farce Carlo pulled with my sister.
Host Harlan says:
....didn't see "The Godfather" films!
EricWWW says:So Harlan, about Fabrizio
Host Harlan says:
What about him?
Coppola says:oh
Host DonGeoff says:
how was Fred's pizza? the best in Buffalo?
Host Harlan says:
Trey says:Fred'd was slow on the delivery, but there Italian sausage was the best. :)
EricWWW says:Why was his murder set and scrapped in both films? Was someone in the film crew pushing for a death scene and finding himself overruled by others?
Rich says:
Harlan, I gotta go (Hyman Roth is flying me down to Havana for the weekend). You da man!
Host Harlan says:
No, YOU da man! See you, big guy!
Coppola says:Bye
Host DonGeoff wishes Rich a goodnight! Salute!

Trey says:
Rich ... thanks for gracing us with your presence
Rich says:Bye, all. You have all impressed me greatly with your GF savvy.
EricWWW says:NIght, Mr. Elbaum
Host Harlan says:
So what was the question about Fabrizio?
Trey says:did he make his own dough?
Trey says:Sorry
Rich has left the conversation.

Host DonGeoff says:
Why were both of his death scenes cut?
EricWWW says:Why was his murder set and scrapped in both films? Was someone in the film crew pushing for the death scene and finding himself overruled by others?
Trey whispers to EricWWW:
third time is the charm
Host Harlan says:
What do you mean by "both" death scenes? We see him croak in #2?
EricWWW whispers to Trey:
Well, they kept asking me to repeat
Host DonGeoff says:
The unfinished Michael/shotgun scene, and the carbomb... neither in GF2
Trey says:Not in the theatrical release we don't. Only in the Trilogy and Epic and Saga.
EricWWW says:He was not killed in Part II...
EricWWW says:In final cut
Host Harlan says:
Wow -- I'm losing track of the original films versus the chronologies!
Coppola says:How about that!
Host Harlan says:
It was cut from #1 for a couple of reasons....
Coppola says:I wanna get my hands on that Trilogy and the Epic
Host Harlan says:
....first, it was really too much, as everyone realized, to show Michael kill him...
Coppola says:It would have'
Host Harlan says:
....after the "death montage" was over. Better to move on with other great stuff.
Coppola says:are right
Host Harlan says:
Host Harlan says: the time they were editing Part I...
Host Harlan says:
....they were already moving forward with plans for Part II...
Host Harlan says:
...or at least getting set up for it...
Host Harlan says:
...assuming the film did as well as they expected...
Host Harlan says: we know, it did A LOT better!***
Coppola says:Yeppers! Sure did!
EricWWW says:So why was it again filmed for Part II? Who gave the go-ahead?
Coppola says:Its a landmark in filmmaking
EricWWW says:I know I didn't.
Host DonGeoff says:
Harlan, I keep reading that Andy Garcia is all for making GF4, and so is Franc D'ambrosio. In your opinion, what do you think are the odds?

Host Harlan says:
In any case, think about the Fabrizio death for #1 as I described it. Does anyone think the scene was needed?
Host Harlan says:
It was film along with a lot of other stuff that didn't make it into #2...
Trey says:needed? No. But it was so moving in the Chronology.
Host Harlan says:
....might as well fill the gap!
EricWWW says:I wonder if Fabrizio was killed again in III
Host Harlan says:
I think the odds are 100% -- if Francis decides he wants to do it....
Trey says:yeah, this time with the garrotte (sp?)
Host Harlan says: long as he has other stuff to keep him busy....
Host DonGeoff says:
Well, yeah - so, what are the odds he'd do it?
Host Harlan says:
....he probably won't pursue it.***
Coppola says:I wonder how FFC would do a IV--like flashbak/present like you said?
Host Harlan says:
Assuming that he did it HIS WAY (and didn't feel a lot of pressure from the studio -- like with the Duvall fiasco)...
Trey says:If FFC is smart, he will read the archives from Geoff's site and use the majority opinion to decide.
Host Harlan says:
....I think he would do it one of two ways:....
Host Harlan says:
...either a 1922-46 version....
Coppola says:I think by now the Studio would have him do it his way...dont you think Harlan?
Host Harlan says:
....or a current-day version based on some key issue (like the Papal stuff in III).
Host Harlan says:
I would like to think Paramount would let him do it his way...
Host Harlan says:
...but if he had gotten his way entirely on III, it would have been a lot better....
Trey says:Without a current day sub-theme, they wouldn't sell to the new viewer. Financially, they couldn't dwell on the 22-46 theme.
Host Harlan says:
...I honestly think that FFC was in kind of a bad place creatively when he was making III...
Host Harlan says:
....he seems much more relaxed now.***
Coppola says:Obviously...but PP will cut him some slack this time
Host DonGeoff says:
But with the dismal turnout for the re-release last year (because of Paramount's lack of promotion), perhaps they wouldn't want to finance a GF4...
Trey says:Is FFC limited to Paramount? Could he "bid out" to another company?
Host Harlan says:
The name "Godfather" is all Paramount needs to sell this film. That, and Coppola, and that solitary trumpet theme in the coming attractions.
Host Harlan says:
The re-release didn't do too badly...
Host Harlan says:
...I think the studio realizes that it was under-publicized...
Host DonGeoff says:
Not *too* badly, but it'd been HUGE had they promoted it
Host Harlan says:
...and they certainly realize it wasn't in a lot of theaters...
EricWWW says:Mario Puzo is not so young anymore...
Host Harlan says:
Host Harlan says:
...the videos did so well, and continue to do well...
Trey says:Any talk of a GFI and GFII re-release for '99?
Host DonGeoff says:
Mario, actually, has been sitting on a plot for a long time now
Host Harlan says:
....that the prospect of a IV would be based in large measure on video, cable, overseas, and TV possibilities -- of which there are plenty!
EricWWW says:Really, Geoff? How did you come by this info?
karak says:We fans could only hope of a rerelease
Host Harlan says:
Keep in mind that the cable stations are STILL showing The Godfather -- now a year after the re-release!
Host DonGeoff says:
His friend Carol told me - but I never found out what the plot was, but it's hinted at being "built in" to the current story already
Host Harlan says:
Hey, Geoff- get Mario moving on talking to FFC!
Host DonGeoff says:
Mario's currently writing a new mafia book, too
Host Harlan says:
Another Mafia book?
Host DonGeoff says:
yeah, he's working a new story
Host DonGeoff says:
The Last Don did well, so why not? :)
Coppola says:What about Geoff?
EricWWW says:
Harlan, are you a Scorcese fan?
Host Harlan says:
Tell him to take a break!
Host DonGeoff says:
Coppola says:Hey we all like Scorcese dont we?
Host Harlan says:
Oh well -- we'll see a sequel when we see it. Meanwhile, what should talk about the films that DO exist?
Host DonGeoff says:

Harlan, which woman in GF3 was Scorcese's mother?

Coppola says:Theyre showing all 3 films on Showtime and Cinemax next week
Host Harlan says:
Marty is GREAT!....
EricWWW says:The older woman who laments the fall of the neighborhood
EricWWW says:to Vincent
Host DonGeoff says:
The thinner one or the ... err, thicker one? ;)
Host Harlan says:
....I just wish he would try to tell some new stories. I think Casino was way too much like other stuff.
Host Harlan says:
Rest in peace, Katherine!
Host DonGeoff says:
Ooops... did she pass away?
Host Harlan says:
Uh-oh -- I thought so. I hope I'm wrong, but I think she did.
EricWWW says:
Harlan, do you agree with me that Pileggi and Scorcese should have made Fool's Die instead of Casino? I think that the story was much more interesting and stilll had the pizzazz of Las Vegas an the intricacies of the Casino business...
Host Harlan says:
I don't know the Fool's Die story. But if Marty wanted to do another Mob-related story...
Host DonGeoff says:
Wheren't FFC's folks sitting the restaurant?
Host Harlan says:
....there are plenty to choose from.
Diane says:Well, it's bedtime for me here in NYC. Thanks a million Geoff! And Harlan it was a real pleasure chatting with you. Goodnight padrinophiles!
Host DonGeoff wishes Diane a goodnight! Salute

Trey says:Good night Diane. thanks for your input
Coppola says:Good Night Diane
Host Harlan says:
Always a pleasure. Diane, if you (or another of the other folks on with us)...
EricWWW says:I recommend Fool's Die; it's a better read than The GF in some ways
Host Harlan says:
....have questions for me later...
EricWWW says:Goodnight, Diane
Host Harlan says:
....please feel free to e-mail me at
Host DonGeoff says:

Harlan, is your offer you mentioned last night still good? If so, announce away... :)

Trey says:you think so Eric? I'm reading Last Don, and I ain't too impressed.
EricWWW says:Fool's Die.
EricWWW says:But I liked Last Don also
Host Harlan says:
Which offer? It's OK to give me a hint.
Host DonGeoff says:
Book signings :)
EricWWW whispers to
If you're into science fiction/espionage, check out Last K. It's a very good read even if you aren't!
Trey waits patiently for the answer

Host DonGeoff says:
Host DonGeoff puts Harlan on the spot :)

Coppola says:Well Harlan????
Trey whispers to EricWWW:
X-Files type stuff?
Host Harlan says:
Of course! I'm glad to sign and personalize...
Host Harlan says:
....a book for anyone who wants to send me one...
EricWWW whispers to Trey:
I don't think so. But I never watch X-Files
Trey whispers to EricWWW:
its addictive :)
Coppola says:You mean mail it to you?
Host Harlan says:
....(with a return envelope and postage -- it's not that I'm worred about paying a few bucks for postage, but more that I can never get to the post office!)
EricWWW whispers to Trey:
Give it a try. It's political with a sci fi twist
Coppola says:Harlan...why dont you come to Borders in Glendale some day?
Host DonGeoff suggests a padded SASE

Host Harlan says:
By the way, Geoff, do you still have my list of corrections for the first edition?
Trey says:Normally I'm not into bood signings, but after tonights chat, I'd be forever in your debt Don Lebo.
Host DonGeoff says:
I don't think I ever got them, Harlan
Host Harlan says:
I'm glad to come to Borders -- if they want me. I did a very fun signing at the Borders in Santa Monica.
Coppola says:Well...ask them will ya? I think it would be cool.
Trey says:Wanna come to Cajun Country?
Trey says:Thats Louisiana for all you yankees.
Host DonGeoff says:

Harlan, come out to New York - we'll go to Louis' Restaurant in the Bronx - the veal is the best in the city ;)

Host Harlan says:
I think it's a bit late for this book -- unless I am able to redo it for the 25th anniversary of GFII.
Host Harlan says:
Hey, does that restaurant still exist?....
Host DonGeoff says:
no, unfortunatley not
Coppola says:You wanna do one for the aniiversary of GFII?
Host DonGeoff says:
(I don't think, anyway)
Host Harlan says:
...the last time I was in New York, I found the restaurant where Pete buys the cannoli (yeah, I know -- it's not in the film, but in the chronologies).
Trey says:lol, you're catching on Harlan
Host Harlan says:
I want to do a re-write of my book for the 25th anniversary of GFII...
Host DonGeoff says:
Someday (and that day may never come) I'm gonna do the whole walking tour map w/photos...
Coppola says:Youre breaking my heart here-I dont have the chronologies on tape!
Host Harlan says:
...that would include a lot more about GFII. Stay tuned!
Host Harlan says:
C'mon, Geoff -- do it!
Coppola says:Well..let the public know about it will ya?
Host DonGeoff says:
It'll take a looong time, but it'd be fun!
Host Harlan says:
It may be the wrong thing to say to this audience...
Host Harlan says:
...and especially to "Coppola"....
Host Harlan says:
....but I like the films just as they are -- as individual films...
Diane has left the conversation.

Host DonGeoff says:
So do I, Harlan, but I also like the extra footage!
Host Harlan says:
...the chronologies are just fine, but to me they are just good for the extra footage.
Coppola says:I know..BUT
Host DonGeoff says:
(Most of the footage, anyway)
Coppola says:I would wanna see the chronologies too
Host Harlan says:
....Especially the scene when Michael comes back from Sicily...
Trey says:No offense taken here. I love the flow of the GFII flashbacks, but the extra footage is just too meaningful to ignore.
EricWWW has left the conversation.

Host Harlan says:
...and is meeting with Vito for the first time.
Host Harlan says:
If you want to see the chronologies, aren't they rentable locally to you?
Host Harlan says:
If not, you know there are several rent-by-mail places that probably have it.
Host DonGeoff says:
I've seen the Epic for rent
Trey says:I've never seen a rental
Coppola says:I dont think BB has it for rental
Coppola says:
They had it for sale last year but I couldnt afford it then
Host DonGeoff says:
try, they rent movies - not sure about boxed sets, tho
Host Harlan says:
You guys are gonna die, but my local Wherehouse has the ORIGINAL I and II chronology for rent!
Host DonGeoff says:
The Epic?
Coppola says:Harlan...would Eddie Brandt have it?
Coppola says:I want it to buy! Not for rent!
Host Harlan says:
Hey, "Coppola," if you want to make the trek over from Glendale, I'll tell you where it is!
Coppola says:Where?
Host Harlan says:
Oh good grief -- rent it, and rent a extra VCR from Blockbuster, and dupe it! It's the only way!
Host DonGeoff says:
But Harlan... isn't that illegal? ;)
Coppola says:I have an extra VCR--where do they have it for rent?
Trey says:I think you can order it through You may have to wait a few weeks ... but its worth a try.
Coppola asks for $200
Host DonGeoff says:
That's true - try my Puzo store!! (plug plug) :)
Host DonGeoff says:
Yeah, but I get $10 commission :)
Coppola says:Well Harlan?
Coppola says:What's the store?
Host Harlan says:
The Wherehouse on Westwood Boulevard, just south of Santa Monica Boulevard. Just call first to make sure they've got it in stock.
Host DonGeoff says:
There's a store on my Puzo site:
Coppola says:ok...I'll see
Trey whispers to Coppola:
It lists for $200, but they may sell it for $150
Host Harlan says:
You've got the I and II chronology?
Coppola says:Geoff...I want it brand new-and by the way...there are enough people who want one there
Host Harlan says:
Wait a second -- the Wherehouse has it for RENT, not for sale.
Coppola says:I know...
Coppola says:Renting is better than not seeing at all
Host Harlan says:
Picky, picky, picky!
Trey's profile: 31 year young male

Host Harlan says:
You bet!
Coppola says:Thats me, Picky!
Coppola says:And I think all the stuff should be released on DVD too.
Coppola says:DVD rules!
Host DonGeoff says:
paramount won't do DVD...
Host Harlan says:
Not until it's copy-able!
Coppola says:I know...I am very sad about that
Host Harlan says:
Paramount will do DVD when it's good and ready...
Host DonGeoff says:
Trey says:... and when we are too old to enjoy.
Coppola says:I think its ready enough
Host Harlan says:
...and long after everyone else has done it!
Host Harlan says:
Host DonGeoff says:
But there's a competing format coming out - Paramount has picked that one (I forget the name)
Coppola says:
Harlan...what were you saying about the NBC broadcast?
Coppola says:You mean DivX? Noooooooooooooooooooooooo.
Host Harlan says:
Which one? Are you talking about the "Pay DVD" format?
Host DonGeoff says:
...the one where you have to buy a key to watch it... sigh...
Host DonGeoff says:
yeah, that one
Host DonGeoff says:
Disney, too, I think
Coppola says:That's terrible!!!!!!!!!
Host Harlan says:
I think it's already been decided by anyone who is even remotely in the know...
Host Harlan says:
...that this format will die quickly. Disney would be insane to try it, with DVD...
Trey says:money, money, money. Sshhheeesh
Coppola says:DivX sucks compared to DVD
Host Harlan says: in its second generation already...
Host Harlan says:
....and machines now coming under $400...
Host DonGeoff says:
Yup - it all boils down to the almighty buck.
Host Harlan says:
I just saw a second-generation machine at The Good Guys for $399.
Trey says:... and almost every new computer coming with it
Coppola says:Harlan--how do the GF films appear on LD?
Host Harlan says:
They are beautiful!....
Host Harlan says:
....I still like the full-frame versions best...
Host DonGeoff says:
are they letterbox?
Coppola says:If they come out on DVD...they would be 5 times better though.
Host Harlan says:
....and because the color is beautifully handled....
Host DonGeoff says:

Harlan, was the Trilogy set released on LD?

Coppola says:Hell yeah! Marvelous remastering huh?
Host Harlan says:
....this is why I almost like seeing them at home better than in the theater!
Host Harlan says:
I don't know about the Trilogy on LD...
Trey says:Geoff, I think you have a page on your site for the LD Trilogy, don't you?
Coppola says:Yeah but you have to have a big TV ya know what I mean?
Host Harlan says:
....remember I'm not a Trilogy kind of guy....
Host DonGeoff says:
Are the component DVD players better than the computer ones? I wasn't very impressed with one I saw in a computer....
Host DonGeoff says:
oops - hehe
Host Harlan says:
....however, at least one chronological version has been available...
Host DonGeoff says:
But I meant a re-release
Host Harlan says:
...because I used it in my research.
Coppola says:of course the components are better than the PC ones
Trey says:okay, I'll accept that Geoff
Host Harlan says:
I don't know about re-released versions on LD...
Host Harlan says:
...I think there were both full-frame and widescreen
Host DonGeoff says:
The computer DVD I saw looked pretty bad -- even worse than a new VHS tape. It looked "compressed"
Host Harlan says:
Don't consider that the standard...
Coppola says:Yeah...go with the DVD players bro!
Host Harlan says:
....that's a much different picture...
Host Harlan says:
...than what you get on a video DVD for home theater...
Coppola says:Now they are making WS TV sets just for DVD's
Host DonGeoff says:
Do you think this generation DVD will be the last one?
Trey says:My Trilogy has the gold plack on the front, but its still has a '92 publication date. I don't think they remastered it. They just stuck the plaque on it.
Coppola says:No way Geoff
Host Harlan says:
...which actually looks even slightly better than LD
Host DonGeoff says:
They've been working on HDTV for a long time -- widescreen
Coppola says:No...the 97 reissue of the trilogy
Host Harlan says:
Don't wait for HD, gentlemen...
Host Harlan says:
....we're looking at a minimum of five years from now...
Host Harlan says:
....and about $3,000 for a monitor!
Host Harlan says:
Just get a great monitor and DVD or LD, and a satellite dish...
Coppola says:Well I know I
Host DonGeoff says:
Well, I hear in about 10 years (or sooner!) there will be no more analog TV whatsoever... so...
Coppola says:d get one if I could afford it
Host Harlan says:
....I saw HD in Japan, and while it's nice, it's not THAT great...
Host Harlan says:
...mostly because the screens are so small...
Coppola says:They already have it in Jap?
Trey says:yeah, there is supposed to be a five year "phase out" of regular TV.
Host Harlan says:
that you can't tell much of a difference!
Host Harlan says:
...Unless you see it put on a theater screen, and That looks pretty great!
Host Harlan says:
I'm dreaming of a HD projection system -- hell with a big box of glass in my house!
Host DonGeoff says:
Well, if there's no more Godfather talk - I'll stop recording this...?
Trey says:Well, your GFII rewrite should pay for it, huh?
Host DonGeoff says:
Host Harlan has left the conversation.

EricWWW ( has joined the conversation.

Host DonGeoff says:
We lost 'im :)
Trey whispers to DonGeoff:
Geoff, I been recording (I think) since the beginning. Want a copy?
Coppola says:oh
Trey says:Did he leave, or get booted?
Host DonGeoff whispers to Trey:
sure, thanks - mine got screwed up w/the server mess before
Host DonGeoff says:
He got booted
Coppola says:Well maybe he got bored of the chit-chat
Coppola says:LOL
Trey whispers to DonGeoff:
I'll e-mail ya.
Host DonGeoff says:
no, he'd've said goodbye :)
Coppola says:I dont know.
Host DonGeoff whispers to Trey:
Coppola says:I guess.
<Coppola> Ok...I'm gonna go now guys. I got his e-mail. Whats your email Geoff?
<DonGeoff> :)
<Coppola> Oh cool
* DonGeoff 's email address is:
<Coppola> ok...see you guys later...bye
* DonGeoff wishes Coppola a goodnight! Salute!
<Trey> G'night Coppola
*** Harlan ( has joined #padrino
*** Coppola has quit IRC (Leaving)
<DonGeoff> welcome home, Harlan
<Harlan> Sorry guys -- I accidentally cut myself off!
<DonGeoff> You missed Coppola - he just signed off
<Harlan> Anyone there?
<Trey> Still here
<DonGeoff> here
<Harlan> This is what I get for accidentally pulling out the plug of my modem!
<DonGeoff> LOL
<karak> Im still here but I was about to leave
<Trey> Well, just in case it happens again - I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you
tonight, Harlan.
<karak> Bye with us some other time k?
<Harlan> What else should we talk about? Can I answer any questions?
<DonGeoff> Yeah, about time to wrap it up - Harlan, I hope you'll do this again!
<Harlan> I won't let it happen again (yeah, right). However, it's a pleasure to
e-meet with you, too, Trey!
<Trey> I wanna re-read "Legacy" before next time so I'll be ready for ya.
<Harlan> Glad to, Karak...
<Harlan> ...just say the word!
<DonGeoff> word, bro
<Harlan> Oops -- somebody didn't do their homework!
<karak> Bye y'all...and nice meeting ya Harlan!
* DonGeoff wishes karak a goodnight! Salute!
<Harlan> Bye, Karak!
<Trey> Hey, nobody said nothing about no test
<Trey> night karak
<DonGeoff> And then there were four... :)
<karak> Just in case...Coppola and Karak are both me
<karak> Bye
<Harlan> No problem!
<Harlan> How did you sign on twice?
<Trey> he's a traitor?
<DonGeoff> double-crosser!
<DonGeoff> I guess if one is disconnected, he had the other
<Harlan> Yeah, but how did he have two modems?
<EricWWW> Hey
<EricWWW> I got cut off
<EricWWW> I guess Harlan left??
<DonGeoff> You probably can sign in twice with an IRC program
<DonGeoff> Harlan's still here
<Harlan> No, I'm back!
* EricWWW downs the rest of the anisette
<EricWWW> I'm drinking more wine than I used too.
<DonGeoff> It's good for you Eric
<EricWWW> Anyway, I'm drinking more.
<Harlan> Eecks -- if you're really drinking anisette....ugh!
<Trey> too much wine
<DonGeoff> Harlan, thanks so much- it was a lot of fun! I hope you will do this again
<Harlan> ...just drink a nice red!
<Harlan> I'm glad to do it -- are we finishing up?
<Harlan> ...That's not a hint.
<DonGeoff> I think so - 2 hours - 3 people :)
<Harlan> No problem. I'm done if you guys are done, or I'll stay if you want to --
you're choice.
<DonGeoff> We can do this often if you want - now that you know it works
<Harlan> Glad to....
<DonGeoff> :)
<Trey> does it? You had problems :)
<DonGeoff> Well, ... hehe
<Harlan> ....maybe we can get everyone to cough up a question.
<DonGeoff> I only had problems cuz I tried to Host it :)
<Harlan> Is that why you were mad?
<DonGeoff> Or I could try to moderate it next time
<Harlan> the beginning?
<DonGeoff> Yeah, that's why - I kept getting kicked off
<Harlan> Ooops.
<DonGeoff> I missed a lot of the beginning, but will get a transcript, and post it
to the site
<Trey> I just mailed my copy to ya
<Harlan> Yike! I hope I said something that made sense!
<DonGeoff> Thanks, Trey!
<Harlan> ....of course, now that I've FINALLY done a chat...
<DonGeoff> You were great, Harlan :)
<Trey> superb
<DonGeoff> Should I leave in the De Palma comment? hehe
<Trey> you have editorial privelege
<DonGeoff> Trey, take care, and thanks again for the transcript!
<Harlan> Take care, Trey! Hope to e-talk with you soon!
* DonGeoff wishes Trey a goodnight! Salute!
<Trey> Good night friends
<DonGeoff> And then there were two...
<Harlan> Geoff, I'll say goodnight, too. Did this go OK for you?
<DonGeoff> Yes, Harlan -great job
<Harlan> Golly, we're getting a crowd again!
<DonGeoff> Eric couldn't stay away :)
<Harlan> What can I do for you gentlemen?
<DonGeoff> Harlan! More Wine!
<Harlan> Do your job!
<DonGeoff> Take a walk around the block - do your job
<DonGeoff> :)
<Harlan> Sorry -- I've got to remember full quotes!
<DonGeoff> I can't wait to have Johnny on here - ask him those words
<Harlan> He probably hears it a million times a day!
<Harlan> I meant to ask you: Is John Martino related to Al Martino.
<DonGeoff> I don't believe so
<Harlan> What's he doing now?
<DonGeoff> Al Martino's son runs a business here in Jersey ...
<DonGeoff> I had that typed already :)
<Harlan> Hey, have you ever been to the Gounaris family restaurant? Anthony is one
of the managers!
<DonGeoff> Well, that's where we'll go when you come to the big apple!
<DonGeoff> (assuming that's where it is)
<Harlan> YUM! Steaks and Chops!
<DonGeoff> ok - sounds good. we'll get a good meal I bet :)
<Harlan> I'll bet we will!
<EricWWW> hello
<Harlan> Hello, Eric -- you're back!
<Harlan> What's cooking, guys?
<DonGeoff> some sau-seege
<Harlan> That's my trick.
<DonGeoff> a little suga'
<EricWWW> Harlan, what do you think of Coppola's other movies? Conversation,
Apocolypse Now?
<DonGeoff> have you tried the recipe? I've been meaning to :)
<DonGeoff> I loved both of them - Conversation was great w/Cazale
<Harlan> The Conversation is another of FFC's movies that I would put among the best films ever made. It is an incredible statement...
<Harlan> ...about privacy, the 70s, and a ton of other issues.
<Harlan> ...In fact, given the simplicity and originality of the story...
<DonGeoff> ...not unlike the internet issues...
<Harlan> ...I'm almost inclined to say that The Conversation is FFC's best film....
<Harlan> ....which doesn't take a thing away from his other films.
<Harlan> Apocalypse Now is fine -- it's just not for me....
<Harlan> ...I wish FFC had filmed the real "Heart of Darkness"....
<Harlan> ...maybe Marty should.***
<DonGeoff> Didn't realize you loved The Conversation so much :)
<Harlan> It's a masterpiece. Do you think?
<Harlan> Remember, too, there's a difference between "best" and "favorite"....
<DonGeoff> FFC is doing Moby Dick for TV?
<Harlan> ...Although The Conversation would certainly be among my 25 favorite
<Harlan> ...the Godfather is among my top three or four.
<DonGeoff> Well, Godfather trilogy and Star Wars trilogy and Scarface take up 7 of
mine :)
<Harlan> Why would FFC be doing Moby Dick for TV? It was just on!
<DonGeoff> I just check IMDB, and has him listed as doing Moby Dick in '98 for TV
... I don't know :)
<Harlan> Are you saying that of your top 10 favorite films, the Godfather films, the
Star Wars films, and Scarface are 1-7?
<DonGeoff> No, not 1-7 - but definitely up there ... top 12 or 15 I guess
<Harlan> ....I could buy some of that -- but not GFIII, Return of the Jedi, or, as
you know, Scarface....
<Harlan> ....but I'm surprised that you'd put SWIII in that group.
<DonGeoff> I consider trilogies as a single story -- I can't help it :)
<Harlan> I get it!
<DonGeoff> Has Moby Dick been on already?
<Harlan> Wow -- where have YOU been (hehe). Yes, it was on last month, with Patrick Stewart as Ahab....
<Harlan> ...but Francis didn't direct it.
<DonGeoff> Okay... so... I missed it! I don't watch TV that much (besides maybe HBO and The Yankees :)
<DonGeoff> Okay yeah - he was an exec. producer...
<Harlan> I know, but I figured one of the commercials would have snuck in!
<DonGeoff> How do you think Last Don II is gonna do?
<Harlan> It will probably draw pretty well -- with all of the promos it will get --
and with network viewing down...
<Harlan> ...I'm sure that CBS is going to push it hard.
<DonGeoff> Yeah? Well CBS *still* has not mentioned it on their website - 2 weeks
before airing!!!!!!!!!!
<Harlan> Just wait until sweeps ads kick in!
<DonGeoff> Perhaps...
<Harlan> But were you talking about big ratings or good reviews?
<DonGeoff> both :)
<Harlan> Big ratings. Bad reviews.
<Harlan> Count on it.
<Harlan> But just consider it...
<Harlan> ...yet another reason why...
<DonGeoff> Hey, when we go to NYC, I'll also take you to 7B's where Pentangeli was
garroted by Danny Aeilo -- I got there often
<Harlan> ...Paramount should push for another GF film.
<DonGeoff> true
<Harlan> What is the name of the bar now?
<Harlan> Was it not Vasace's?
<DonGeoff> It's the same I think -- Vasecs -- but locally known as 7Bs cuz that's
the address
<Harlan> 7B is a great name, considering the location.

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