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Sicilian Culture


The real Henry Hill has is own site! Check out the rat-bastard at GoodFellaHenry -- "the only real hit on the web"

John Gotti: The Teflon Dapper Don is another site devoted to Gotti, with lots of pics

Gang Land - "the world's most comprehensive web site on organized crime!"

Reputed Links to Organized Crime: All the products and services a good goombah needs! (Needs to be bigger, though!)


The Mafia Page, hailing from Denmark, features pictures and Italian quotes from the Ol' Cosa Nostra. This site can become very informative.

Signor Olivieri's Mafia Page has a short Mob Quiz and other info

Mother Jones features some articles on the Mafia. But don't get too excited about the 'Godfather IV' article: it has nothing to do with the sequel

Going on the lam? Check out these hostels in Italy . But be sure to check the weather first: Palermo, Sicily - Weather Report



A "Coppola" cool links:

American Zoetrope - Motion picture production and post-production company founded by Francis Coppola

Niebaum Coppola Winery - The Coppola family Napa Valley vinyard. Site features an online store featuring wines, accessories, films, and food items

Zoetrope: All-Story - Short-fiction magazine founded by Francis Coppola. Features online submissions and reviews of short stories and novellas

Blancaneaux Lodge Home Page - A paradise created by Francis Ford Coppola for visitors to enjoy the tranquility of their surroundings in Belize


Visit Niebaum-Coppola
Tribute to Marlon Brando
[external link]


Tim Dirks' has a great page on The Godfather (as well as Apocalypse Now and other "Greatest Films"!)

The Franc D'Ambrosio Page pays homage to the wonderful opera singer who played Anthony in GF3. Features 4 soundbites from the GF3 soundtrack, a bio, and more!

Goodfellas Web: He's a good fella. He's one of us. You understand? We were Goodfellas; wiseguys

Apocalypse Now Tribute Page: A great looking site devoted to this other great Coppola film!

The Robert De Niro Page is awesome! Take the Trivia Quiz and enter the live Java chatroom!


Paramount Pictures's well-outdated Godfather page. And by "page" I mean page. (Unfortunately, now even that isn't up any more! Even their DVD Collection page is gone! Infamita!!)

Life in the Mob -- A very cool online Mafia simulation game!

Vendetta -- Online Mafia simulation game, now accepting beta testers!

USA Network's Godfather trivia game -- Test your knowledge of the Corleone Family!

TriviaWars Trivia Challenge -- Go to the Godfather trivia challenge in the Movies section... and try to beat my score! ;-)

The Ultimate Gangster & Crime Film Web Site has great stuff about all your favorite Crime films, including Miller's Crossing

Godfatherland! Sean really likes Apollonia (a lot), but how can you blame him? Lots of neat stuff here. This site is gone - not sure what happened?!

The DeNiro/Pacino Page has a bunch of great links about our favorite actors - and has a scheduled IRC chat! His homepage is "Questa pagina e Cosa Nostra"


Check out Mike Risoli's Godfather Homepage for tons of pictures and info on the cast

The Godfather Appreciation Page by John DeRosa

The Andy Garcia Home Page has a short bio and some GF3 pics in the Photo Gallery



Do you like great Italian music? Then check out MOB HITS I & II on CD! They also have a Christmas CD out.

Congrats! to Francis Coppola and Mario Puzo for making the #3 American film of the 20th Century in AFI's 100 greatest movies of the first century of American moviemaking. GF2 made #32.

The August 1997 issue of Premiere had an article on the making of The Godfather, by Companion author Peter Biskind, but I guess they didn't feel like keeping it on their site.....

Be sure to stop by The Official Richard Castellano Website (sorry, no relation to Clemenza) to keep up with "Jimmy Boots" from Analyze This.

Check out the spoof Mickey Blue Eyes (with James Caan)

Look for the parody film Mafia!. This Jim Abrahams' ("Airplane," "Naked Gun") film stars the late Lloyd Bridges.

Lou Ferrigno, Rodney Dangerfield, and Dom DeLuise star in a Godfather spoof called The Godson, now out on video. Has many Godfather (and other films) references, but is terrible.

National Lampoon's The Don's Analyst (1997) stars Robert Loggia as "Don Vito," and Rick Aiello (Danny Aiello's son and costar of "Dellaventura"). Has a few Godfather references, but even more Psych references. Pretty poor.

MTV "Celebrity Death Match" Feb 1999 featured DeNiro vs Pacino w/ Brando as guest referee - Hilarious! (Too bad it's not in the archive though)

Be sure to also check out links to Friends of "The Godfather Trilogy" site!



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