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The Godfather by Mario Puzo (1969)
The Godfather Papers & Other Confessions by Puzo (1972)
The Godfather Legacy by Harlan Lebo (1997)
The Godfather Companion by Biskind (1990) [Not very accurate]
The Godfather Journal by Zuckerman (1972) [Not totaly accurate]
The Godfather Movies: A Pictorial History by Gardner & Gardner (1993)
The Godfather Epic boxed set program guide
The Godfather Trilogy boxed set program guide
The Godfather Family: A Look Inside (the Making Of video)
The Godfather Souvenir Book by Paramount Pictures (1972)
The Godfather II Pressbook by Paramount Pictures (1974)
Brando: Songs My Mother Taught Me autobiography (1994)
And of course, the films, soundtracks, and contributors!

Soon to be used:

Selected From The Godfather, from Writers' Voices (Mario Puzo, 1991)
Godfather III, article in Life (November, 1990) by Harrison
The Godfather Part III proposed script by Reisner (1979)
The Films of Al Pacino by Schoell (1995)
Life On The Wire: The Life and Art of Al Pacino by Yule (1991)
Conversations with Brando by Grobel (1991)
Brando by Tanitch (1994)
Copppla by Cowie (1989)
And anything else I can find!


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