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THE GODFATHER TRILOGY: 1901-1980 Laserdisc Version

introduction - behind-the-scenes
synopsis - additional footage


Notes on additional footage over the original films and The Godfather Epic

contributed by Greg Vaughn


- The end of Chapter 4 contains additional footage over The Godfather Epic (after getting fired).

- The Middle of Chapter 6 (after Fanucci tells him $200 apiece) contains additional footage.

- Chapter 8 contains additional footage before lady asks for help with the landlord.


- Chapter 0 contains additional footage when Vito asks landlord for a favor, and the landlord comes back. Also, some Italian with subtitles is now in English (dubbed?).

- (moved footage): On train going into Sicily. Back in Sicily, Vito kills Don Ciccio and his men. One in bed, one on a boat, one at the palace / fortress. Don Ciccio himself is killed with the help of Tommasino, who becomes wheelchair-bound because of an injury suffered by a shotgun wound inflicted during this scene. Also funeral footage and the sending off of Vito and family back to America. Then goes to Chapter 1 of disc - opening of Godfather I. NOTE : This has been moved to disc 4 side 7 chapter 4 (not chronological-why?).

Also, This moved footage contains additional footage between the boat killing and the Don's killing.

- Chapter 2 contains additional footage after the Godfather tells Tom Hagen to go see Woltz, (before they take family picture).

- end of Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 (after the Godfather dances with wedded daughter) there is additional footage relating to that earlier in chapter 2. Godfather and all sons, and Johnny Fontaine, go to pay their respects to the dying Genco consigliere. The Godfather tells his son Michael that he's proud of him, accepts his going back to school after the military, but after that he says he has plans for Michael. (3 minutes 23 seconds).

- Chapter 4 contains additional footage before Tom meets Waltz (approximately 30-40 seconds). We see a different camera angle with extra footage of similar scene with Waltz right before meeting Tom.

- Chapter 4 also contains additional footage (a couple of seconds) after Tom says he must tell Godfather bad news immediately.


- Chapter 1 contains additional footage after the Godfather gets shot. Someone calls Sonny to tell him the news. He tries to call Tom. (1 minute).

- Chapter 1(end of chapter) also contains additional footage where Sonny goes to tell his mother the news, and then makes a phone call to get 50 men over to his house, he also calls Luca Bratzi but gets no answer.

- Chapter 2 contains additional footage before Michael goes inside the house to see his family, and after he gets inside the house. Michael tells Sonny he's part of the family. Also Tom comes back to a worried wife.

- Chapter 4 contains additional footage where Clemenzo tells Rocco about his "job" to kill Paulie before they leave Clemenzo's house. Also contains additional footage before the actual killing deed.


- Chapter 1 contains additional footage before Michael talks with bodyguards about America, and after in Corleone goes to visit father's house. He's told that "nobody's home".

- Chapter 5 contains additional footage with Connie and her husband before he beats her for second time.

*- Chapter 8/9 contains additional footage after Don says it was Bartzini all along of the car driving. But, next scene where Michael talks to Godfather about keeping peace "it's a sign of weakness" is not in Trilogy but was an extra addition in The Godfather Epic (aproximately 1 minute) - it's an important scene!

- Chapter 10 contains additional footage between Michael and Tom over his no longer being Consigliere. Also contains additional footage of Michael with his father.


*- Chapter 6 missing beginning of communion sequence but has much more footage of festivities after the ceremony, including Fredo telling his spoiled bitchy wife he has to be nice (and he's worried about being rude) to his "little brother Mikey" because he's the head of the family.

- Chapter 6 also contains additional footage where Anthony is told not to go near "that house" where his father's doing business.

- (moved footage) The death of Fabrizio is moved to disc 3 side 6 chapter 1.

- Chapter 7 contains additional footage at the table with everyone eating.

- Chapter 8 contains additional footage with Pentangeli and a young Anthony. Pentangeli tells Anthony he loves him, and gives him $100 as a gift.

- Chapter 9 contains additional footage in Las Vegas where a casino owner is kicked out of his own hotel and it's taken over by the Corleones.


*- Chapter 1 contains Death of Fabrizio moved here from earlier in the Epic.

*- Chapter 5 contains additional footage after the attempted murder of Pentangeli - the sequence where Senator Geary is framed / befriended by the Corleones is moved to a later sequence after Kay is told not to leave the compound (Chapter 6).


*- Chapter 4 contains scene moved form earlier in the Epic and moved back to theatrical order instead of chronological order(why?). Also contains additional footage In the sequence.

Thanks, Greg!!


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