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Kind Words!

"To My Friend Geoff, Thank you for making me famous on the internet with your beautiful and flattering web site. In gratitude I leave you the province of Corleone in Italy. Gratefully,
Mario Puzo"

"My father would have loved to see this site."
Michael Gazzo Jr.

"I have wandered through your wonderful Godfather web site several times -- my compliments!"
Harlan Lebo (author of The Godfather Legacy (1997))

"Unquestionably the best and most complete Godfather website anywhere on the Internet"
Joel Gibbs ("Everything Entertainment" Radio Host & Voiceman, heard every Saturday on WWDB 860AM in Philadelphia)

"Thanks for the site, Geoff. Truly, thanks."
Lionel (WABC 770 NYC Radio host)

"Huge site with everything you could wish to know."
BBC Online

"Your Godfather page is amazing. I have barely begun to explore it. Great work! The animations are really cool. I have bookmarked your epic. You have a great page."
Jeffrey Zeldman (one of the creators of the famous Batman Forever site!)

When I asked whether I could reproduce his review: "Sorry, but the Sun-Times has the Web rights to my stuff."
Roger Ebert

When I asked the Sun-Times whether I could reproduce Mr Ebert's review:

"I've had cramps -- this page is better!"
Fuzzball (Producer, "The Morning Edge" KDGE/Dallas)

"Congratulations on a magnificent piece of work. Clearly a labor of love. My hand was actually trembling on the mouse as I navigated"

"VERY COOL! I'm 13 years old and loved all 3 Godfathers. You pay a very good tribute to those movies and should be commended"

"I must commend you for your excellent page. I just stumbled onto this page a few days ago and I have not gotten of since"

"A thing of freaking beauty"

"I don't know if you remember, but I wrote you in praise of your Scarface site some time ago. I've been avoiding The Godfather because I was sure that I would quickly use up a great deal of my precious and sparse AOL time. I was right. It's better than Scarface, and I still haven't seen all of it."

"Love the Stuff! Best source of Godfather info anywhere"

"It's about time someone came up with a worthwhile page! There is no corny commentary; just a load of facts and great graphics. Long live THE GODFATHER!!!"

"This page is always new and refreshing to visit no matter how often I am here!!"

"This site is what I have been searching for forever. Great job!"

"Excellent Job!! This is definitely the best I've seen yet; you can tell a lot of work went into it. I'll definitely be back!"

"If I had to look all over the WWW, your page on the Godfather Trilogy is probably the best page I have EVER seen on Internet. You have captured all of Coppola's memories in this page. Congratulations on a MILESTONE page."

"The site is very well done, and better than most sites I've been to. (It blows Motorola's right out of the water)"

"As a fellow NJ-er (Turnpike exit 10A) I say BRAVO! As part Sicilian I say MOLTO BENE!"

"This place kicks butt"

"As always, bitchin Geoff!!! keep me updated as you do such a great job always"

"This site is truly one of a kind, being the fan that I am it was like being in godfather heaven. Keep up the good work."

"Finally a web page for the best movies ever made! I'm so excited!"

"What a f-----g great site! These films (I & II especially) are forever on my top 5. They inspired me to pursue filmmaking. Damn what a cool site. Thanks"

"Great Site!!!! I've read almost everything on it. I got no work done today"


"Your WWW site is like a candy store, f-----g good!"

"Fabulous site! I'm a GF fan (thought I was Numero Uno, until I came up against you, though!). I'll be up all night reading everything in this site...Thanks a million"


"This indeed is a divine page to experience. The Scarface Page is right up there with this one, You have outdone yourself"

"I just want to tell you that this site has given me hope"

"Well.... what can I say that you never heard before? You did good, my friend! The Don is proud of you! My favorite movie has one of the greatest sites I've seen! :) Congrats and thank you!"

"I will be adding this site as a Bookmark. I don't do that often"

"This Site is SO GREAT!!! I LOVE IT ALOT!!! On IRC, my nickname is Godfather and Corleone and Vcorleone. That's why I love this...!

"Grazie, il mio amico. Non sono italiano, ma parlo un poco d' italiano, e credo che questo URL molto bene!"

"Thank you for making my day. GOD bless you. Grazie."

"The Godfather page is fantastic. I really appreciate the work you've put into making this page. When I searched for "Godfather" I never expected to find such a comprehensive site dedicated to the best epic on film."

"This is an awesome page! I feel like leaving work and going home and watching Part I again...

"First off, I LOVE this. I can't believe something this great is on the Internet."

"This truly is a sweet web page!"

"I just wanted to tell you that you have done a beautiful job with the web pages. Not only are they easy to use but they are pleasing to the eye. I have visited it many times and you are definetely to be congratulated.... Finally a page worthy of the movie that it represents. Thanks!!"

"Mi piace moltisimo!!"

"Grazie, Mi amico! Il Tuo indirizzio e' molto bene, molto bene."

"This page is awesome and I never thought they would have something like this. You should win the best info and best homepage award"

"AWESOME! Especially enjoyed reading the quotes. How about a Goodfellas page?"

"I, being Italian, really enjoyed the Godfather movies. I, along with many other Italians, am very grateful for this Web page. Thanks!"

"God, what a GREAT page!"

"Great page. A must for all Godfather fans."

"Seriously, this is one great site."

"This page was extremely well done. I just wanted to say thanks I really enjoy the page. The family tree was really excellent."

"Cool page dude!"



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