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Welcome to (the original) The Godfather Trilogy website!

This unofficial tribute to the three Godfather films was conceived, designed and is maintained by J Geoff Malta. This has been a labor of love since July 1995, and has grown to well over 100 pages.

People seem to like this site, as it's received over 65 awards and reviews to date!

Feel free to link to this site without permission, but please do not re-post any of the content without permission.

Oh, and please, before you email questions to me, read the site FAQs page. Most of the time, your questions are answered somewhere there or elsewhere on the site!

Enjoy! —Geoff

PS If you found this site in a magazine, newspaper, television, or a special link on a website, please let me know on the message board so I don't miss it - Grazie!! (Media people: Please let me know if this site will be featured somewhere so I don't miss it. Thanks!)


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