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FAQs about this site...

As webmaster of a popular site such as this, I get asked many questions over and over: Hopefully this page will help! If you have questions about the films themselves, please look around the site -- which is kind of a Mega-FAQ List in itself ;)

If you have a general interest question or comment about the films, please post it to the Message Board at TheGodfatherTrilogy.Net.


Where can I buy The Trilogy boxed set? (Ebay, I suppose - just be careful it's the *real* trilogy)
Where can I buy Godfather movie posters/photos? (At
Where can I get the Godfather font? (right here)
Who did Nicholas Cage play in GF3? (Look again, that's Nicholas Gage)
In the Trilogy, where's the scene when De Niro goes back to Sicily!? (It's in there, but for some reason that part isn't chronological)

OTHER FAQS (scroll down):

The site doesn't look right...?

For optimal viewing, please use Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0+ or Netscape Navigator 4.0+. I recommend 800x600+ screen resolution. Also, many of the images look best when viewed with 1000s or millions of colors (not 256). Be sure JavaScript and Frames are turnd ON in your preferences. If things don't look right on many websites you visit, it may be time to upgrade your system ;-)

Who made this site...?

Just me, myself and I— since July '95.

This site looked different last time

Perhaps you visited that 'other' site with a similar name and strikingly similar layout? Rest assured, this site is the original.

Where'd you find all the info...?

Most of the content is from watching the films themselves, reading the novel and other books, and also from some wonderful contributors!

Can I add a link to your site from my homepage...?

Absolutely -- and thanks! However, I've had problems with many people stealing images and sounds from my pages. Please try not to do that too much -- and please provide appropriate credit and a return link. Thanks!

Please use this URL for all links:

You may also use this banner and html:
Visit The Godfather Trilogy

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Can I put your pictures and sounds on my own webpage...?

I'd appreciate you not posting more than one or two photos and sounds on your own pages. A lot of work was put into this site, and copycats are discouraged. The idea -- the great idea -- of the Web is that we can link to other sites that have the content that we don't have. If you do use images & sounds from other websites, it's courteous to provide credit and a return link to the source. Most of the images and sounds on this site are © copyright Paramount Pictures.


Can I post your transcripts (or any other content) on my site?

No! But feel free to link to them...

How can I create my own homepage...?

I get a lot of questions about "how" to create webpages, create or copy images, embed music, record sounds, etc etc. I simply don't have the time to answer all the technical "how" questions I get asked. To learn html yourself, do a web search for "HTML".

Where on the site is...?

This site is huge, and it's sometimes hard to find everything on your first visit. Yes, I have WAV files and photos. Check out the site Search Page to help find what you're looking for.

What Godfather video products are available...?

Besides the standard three films, the latest video release is THE GODFATHER TRILOGY* (25th Anniversary Edition) boxed set which includes all three films in chronological order, and a lot of extra footage than the standard releases. In addition, this great set includes the tape THE GODFATHER FAMILY: A LOOK INSIDE, which is the PBS television documentary of the making-of the three films. Choose the Trilogy link in the footer for more information.

The previous boxed set, perhaps out of print but still findable, is THE GODFATHER EPIC. This includes the first two films, re-edited in chronological order, with some extra footage. This is the released version of the television miniseries THE GODFATHER SAGA. However, the SAGA has much more footage, which mostly ended up in the TRILOGY set. Choose the Epic link in the footer for more information.

The original GODFATHER COLLECTION* is merely the three standard releases set in a box -- nothing special about it. But the new 25th Anniversary GODFATHER COLLECTION has a special Limited Edition release of 5000 copies.

THE GODFATHER FAMILY: A LOOK INSIDE is the released documentary of the making-of the three Godfather films (seen on HBO). Although it comes with the TRILOGY set, it can *sometimes* be found separately.


THE GODFATHER DVD COLLECTION was released October 9, 2001. [MORE INFO]

What're the differences between the Godfather video boxed sets?

This can get very confusing. Here's the brief of it: The Godfather Epic [out of print] is the chronological version of Parts I and II released on video. It has more footage than the original two films. The Godfather Saga [not available for purchase] is the TV version of The Epic, but has much more footage. Most of this extra footage ended up in The Godfather Trilogy* set [Re-released in 1997], which is the chronological version of all three films, available on video. The Trilogy set is the one you should get if you want the most available footage. It also contains the Making-Of tape, The Godfather Family: A Look Inside. The Godfather Collection is simply the three original films in a box - no added footage, and not in chronological order (but remastered/widescreen in 1997). The Godfather Collection (Limited Edition) includes The Godfather Legacy* book and a card signed by Francis Coppola.

Where can I buy these videos...?

Most of the videos, as well as books and soundtracks, can be purchased in Mario's Store

The original version of the Trilogy is no longer available on Coppola's site, so your best bet is to search ebay. Just be very careful, because "trilogy" is being use generically there. Make sure it's the chronological version, and looks like the picture here!

Where can I buy other stuff...?

Try a Yahoo or other search for "movie memorabilia" or something similar. You may also want to try garage sales, flea markets, and auctions like

Find Puzo & Godfather books, videos, and CDs at Mario's Store.
Find Godfather posters and photos at

How do I subscribe to/unsubscribe from the Mailing List...?

Please visit the Chat Page for instructions.

I can't get the sounds to play...?

Many of the sounds are in standard WAV format, which shouldn't be much of a problem.

I also have RealAudio samples. The only hitch is you cannot save these sound files.

You can download most of these Helpers from the pages that you need them on.

I want to write a review of your site for a publication...?

Thanks! Please let me know if you need further information, or whether you'd like to do a short interview via email. Also, please let me know about any reviews, awards, etc, so I can add them to my Awards & Reviews pages, and provide you with a link to your site.

Please use this URL for all links:

I found a mistake...?

Yes, it's bound to happen! Some of the quotes were taken from a book, and there were many inaccuracies. I've been trying to go through them to fix them -- but suggestions and corrections are always welcomed!

Did Mario Puzo really write that note on your page...?

Yes -- it's inscribed in my hardcover copy of The Godfather. I also met him at a book-signing in New York. He and his friend Carol have been helping me out by sending info to me for The Official Mario Puzo Library and of course, this site.

Is that really Mario Puzo's voice in the recordings...?

Yes -- see the above FAQ ;)

Do you have the scripts/transcripts for the films...?

I have the transcripts for all three films - check out the GF1, GF2 and GF3 sections.

I need the Godfather theme (or other song) in WAV or MP3 format...?

Someday, and that day may never come... (sorry, I don't have them)

Can you put my page on your Links page...?

If it's appropriate, sure! Just send me the URL and I'll check it out.

What's your snail-mail address...?

You can write me at: J Geoff Malta, PO Box 1596, Toms River, NJ 08754-1596.
( I usually do not answer snail mail, sorry -- it's too slow :)

Have another question?

Please post your question to the Message Board.


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